My name is Loris Clerico and I was born in Alba (Cuneo) Italy, the capital of Langhe, on the 31 October 1995.

I am always happy to go back to my town,especially to Castellinaldo d'Alba, a little village in the Roero where my gradparents live.

In particular I like nature, music, tours and I love dogs. My favourite country is Holland, my best footballer is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the pool player I prefer is Bruno Muratore and my best music group are the Linkin Park. I used to live in Turin with my father (a baker) and my mother (a shop assistant).Now we have moved to Alessandria. I was born with a health problem(I know there are people who suffer more than I do) that allows me to practice a few sports, that is why I am fond of billiards. In the past my father was keen on this sport and I must thank him who has taught me this game in a serious and patient way.

I got in touch with a billiards table at the age of 4 at Pietro's game room next to my house.Because of my short height I needed a stool to reach the playing table ! Through the time I grew up in age and experience so that I could play in other game rooms:for example at Ermitage (Pasquale and Enzo's), at Cavallino Rosso (Maur's)in Turin or at Alba Bowling (Alberto's).

At the age of 11 I had the possibility to play my first Italian championship of continuous pool, ball 8 and 9, at the Gibo's game room in Piombino. There I met Mr. Romano Giovanni, a really nice and cordial man, who introduced me to all his team and players as no one has done before.

Giong on with my still short career, in the season 2007/08 i became pupils italian champion for the first time, winning all of the three national titles (8ball, 9ball and 14.1).

The following year i culd repeat all of the wins. At the age of thirteen, to make things heather and become a better player, i tried for the first June 2009 in Arcidosso. There, with my great astonishment, i won the italian straight pool title, came second in 9ball and third in 8ball.These good results made me italian overall serie C Champion, and at my age i became the younguest italian champion ever inall adul billiards disciplines.

On december 21st 2009 i won my hardest challenge, whit my health, and i'm curremtly recovering. I'll be fine very soon. In the meantime 2009/10 finals i won the pupils italian title again.